Heat (1995)


Heat (1995) Synopsis

Obsessive master thief Neil McCauley leads a top-notch crew on various daring heists throughout Los Angeles while determined detective Vincent Hanna pursues him without rest. Each man recognizes and respects the ability and the dedication of the other even though they are aware their cat-and-mouse game may end in violence.

Rated R

Fan Reviews

by Gimly

Partly I'm disappointed in myself for taking so long to watch _Heat_ because it's such a massive influence on one of the best movies ever (_The Dark Knight_), and one my favourite video games ever (_Payday: The Heist_). Mostly though, I'm disappointed in myself ... Read More

Heat (1995) Casts

Al Pacino

Lt. Vincent Hanna

Val Kilmer

Chris Shiherlis

William Fichtner

Roger Van Zant

Robert De Niro

Neil McCauley

Natalie Portman

Lauren Gustafson

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