Happy Hunting

Happy Hunting
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6/10 NR

February 24, 2017 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 31 min

Happy Hunting Synopsis

Warren is a degenerate drifter, scraping by, suffering from debilitating alcohol withdrawals on a daily basis. On his way down to Mexico, he finds himself stranded in Bedford Flats, a one-horse town nestled deep in the American desert. It was a once-prosperous hunting community that has been reduced to an impoverished dust bowl. Unfortunately for Warren, it turns out that the town's pastime is rounding up drifters and hunting them as part of an elaborate sporting event.To make matters worse, he'll go into alcoholic withdrawal unless he finds a way to stay intoxicated. It all builds to a blood-soaked, live-or- die showdown deep in the desert.

Rated NR

Fan Reviews

by Gimly

Bizarrely self-righteous for a movie about hunting man as sport. _Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product._ Read More

Happy Hunting Casts

Kenny Wormald

Junior Burnside

Liesel Hanson

Jessie Walkowski

Ken Lally

Steve Patterson

Kenneth Billings

Mickey Walkowski

Martin Dingle Wall

Warren Novak

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