Gang Tapes


Gang Tapes Synopsis

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Kris Noland, aka Lil Alonzo, is a bright thirteen-year-old who has become acclimated to living in a world where stepping out of your door is a life-threatening risk, and any slight is met with retaliation. When Kris acquires a video camera after a car jacking, he turns it on himself, his family and the old gangbangers whom he strives to join. What he ends up creating is a first person account of his everyday life, and thus, an uncompromising look into the shocking reality of being a young impressionable male in South Central Los Angeles. Faced with choices that will impact his life forever, Kris shares with his audience a glimpse into his world: his struggle with friends, family, territory, pride and survival, as he charts his "rise" to moral corruption as the newest member of a criminal gang.

Rated for strong violence, language, drug use and some sexuality