Forbidden Planet (1956)

Forbidden Planet (1956)

March 15, 1956 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 38 min

Forbidden Planet (1956) Synopsis

A dutiful robot named Robby speaks 188 languages. An underground lair provides astonishing evidence of a populace a million years more advanced than Earthlings. There are many wonders on Altair-4, but none is greater or more deadly than the human mind. "Forbidden Planet" is the granddaddy of tomorrow, a pioneering work whose ideas and style would be reverse-engineered into many cinematic space voyages to come. Leslie Nielsen portrays the commander who brings his spacecruiser crew to the green-skied Altair-4 world that's home to Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), his daughter (Anne Francis), the remarkable Robby... and to a mysterious terror.

Rated G

Fan Reviews

by John Chard

Your mind refuses to face the conclusion. Forbidden Planet is directed by Fred M. Wilcox and stars Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, and Leslie Nielsen. Screenplay is written by Cyril Hume from an original story by Irving Block & Allen Adler (original title being Fa... Read More

Forbidden Planet (1956) Casts

Richard Anderson

Chief Engineer Quinn

Leslie Nielsen

Commander John J. Adams

Anne Francis

Altaira Morbius

Jack Kelly

Lt. Jerry Farman

Earl Holliman

James Dirocco

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