Flip Flop & Fly... Forty Years of the Downchild Blues Band


Flip Flop & Fly... Forty Years Of The Downchild Blues Band Synopsis

Flip Flop and Fly is a live concert/documentary that celebrates the 40 year career of Donnie (Mr. Downchild) Walsh and the Downchild Blues band. Through their musical legacy, Downchild has had a huge impact on Canadian and American Culture. This impact however has been overlooked and under appreciated in Canadian pop culture history. Flip Flop and Fly will right that wrong! In the late 60's Donnie and his brother Hock imported blues music from the United States into Canada and introduced Canadians to this passionate and infectious style of music. Forty years, 19 albums, countless live performances and awards later, Downchild remains the top live blues band in Canada selling out concerts throughout the country.