EurOpera HD: Nabucco - Opra Royale de Wallonie

EurOpera HD: Nabucco - Opra Royale de Wallonie
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September 2, 2017 See More

Runtimes: 03 hr 00 min

Eur Opera Hd: Nabucco Opra Royale De Wallonie Synopsis

The genius of Giuseppe Verdi resides in the wonderful dramatic tension that subtends his operas and in the irresistible beauty of his melodies. Nabucco, narrating a famous biblical episode, contains in its heart the claims to independence of the Italian people, subjected for too long to foreign domination. Found amid the human passions expressed by the superb arias is a superb chorus, as the Jewish population sings its nostalgia for its homeland. "Va pensiero", a simple and pure melody par excellence became, right from the opera's premiere, a symbol of unity of the Italian population. Today, this alternative national anthem has crossed the borders and expresses the pain of all systems of oppression. The great Leo Nucci stars in the title role, alongside soprano Virginia Tola as Abigaille.