Eureka Synopsis

A transcendent story of redemption. On what seemed to be a normal morning in southwest Japan, a crazed killer, apparently without motive, hijacks a city bus. In the ensuing carnage only three people survive - the driver, a schoolgirl and her older brother. After a long period away, the traumatized bus driver returns to his family only to find his wife has left him. The two students have withdrawn further into silence since their mother left home to begin a new life elsewhere when their father died in a car accident. Upon the driver's return to town, he reacquaints himself with the orphaned children. He moves into their house, filthy from neglect, and together with the orphans' cousin, they begin a new life. Once the victims have adapted to new lives together, police find the brutally murdered corpse of a woman and suspect the driver. After being cleared of the crime, he buys an old bus and invites the young people to travel with him. The killings seem to follow them until each finds some way to come to terms with the horror they once shared.

Rated NR

Eureka Casts

Kōji Yakusho

Makoto Sawai

Machiko Ono


Eihi Shiina

Keiko Kono

Aoi Miyazaki

Kozue Tamura

Gô Rijû

Busjack Man

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