Enter the Dragon


Enter The Dragon Synopsis

Recruited by an intelligence agency, outstanding martial arts student Bruce Lee participates in a brutal karate tournament hosted by the evil Han. Along with champions Roper and Williams, Lee uncovers Han's white slavery and drug trafficking ring located on a secret island fortress. In the exciting climax, hundreds of freed prisoners fight in an epic battle with Lee and Han locked in a deadly duel.

Rated R

Fan Reviews

by Cat Ellington

Back in the good ol' days, my big brother - a HUGE fan of "Karate movies" - would take me (every other weekend) to the legendary State and Lake theater to see all of the so-called "low budget" martial arts films that many in society (during that time) were tempted ... Read More

Enter The Dragon Casts

Sammo Hung

Lee's sparring partner in opening scene, Shaolin Fighter

Angela Mao

Su Lin

Yuen Biao

Tournament fighter

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