Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

November 15, 1974 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 50 min

Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser Synopsis

The film follows Kaspar Hauser (Bruno S.), who lived the first seventeen years of his life chained in a tiny cellar with only a toy horse to occupy his time, devoid of all human contact except for a man who wears a black overcoat and top hat who feeds him.

Rated NR

Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser Casts

Brigitte Mira

Haushᅢᄂlterin Kᅢᄂthe, Haushälterin Käthe

Alfred Edel

Logic Professor

Helmut Döring

Little King

Walter Ladengast

Professor Daumer

Enno Patalas

Pastor Fuhrmann

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