Empty Mirror


Empty Mirror Synopsis

The Empty Mirror is a phantasmagoric journey through the looking glass of history into the darkest recesses of the mind of Adolf Hitler. Detached from historical time, filmmaker Hershey's fantasy takes us into a dreamlike subterranean environment in which Adolf Hitler encounters the demons of his own psyche. As he dictates his memoirs, Hitler encounters apparitions of his fiendish confidant, Joseph Goebbels; his enigmatic mistress, Eva Braun; the mastermind of his military campaigns, Hermann Goehring; Jewish psychologist, Sigmund Freud; and the mysterious Woman In Black. Through haunting images, Hitler's stream-of-consciousness soliloquies and his exchanges with his phantom guests, the audience receives a terrifying primer on genius and psychosis, domination and destruction. The main action unfolds amidst a streaming flow of archival footage intercut with images from Leni Riefenstahl's masterpiece of Nazi propaganda, "Triumph Of The Will," and private home movies shot by Hitler's lover, Eva Braun.

Rated for disturbing war images, thematic elelments and some sexual content