Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge Synopsis

Sapna is an orphan who has three Uncles who are very fond of her and love her a lot. However, they differ from each other, as each one has different tastes, thoughts and lifestyles. Each one wants her to live according to his own lifestyle. Following a confrontation between Sapna and her Uncles, they each decide to get her married to a person of their own choice. After getting frustrated of her Uncle's lifestyles and decisions she decides to leave her house and go abroad and enjoy the beauty of the world. She leaves India with a tourist group where she meets Raja. However, due to some hitches they get separated from the group and fall in love. They come back to India and Raja approaches her Uncles for her hand. They however disagree and reject him as they want her to marry some one of their own tastes. Thereafter the film revolves around Raja as how he trains himself to make each of them happy and trying to impress the Uncles individually, ultimately winning their hearts into agreeing to give Sapna's hand in marriage.