Dreamland (2006)


Dreamland (2006) Synopsis

Eighteen-year-old Audrey lives with her father in a remote community in the breathtakingly beautiful New Mexico desert. Although Audrey longs to go to college, she spends her days taking care of her father, who hasn't left home since Audrey's mother died, and her best friend Calista, who dreams of becoming Miss America but is struggling with a life-challenging illness. The summer after Audrey graduates from high school, her world changes forever when an attractive young man named Mookie moves in next door with his mother Mary and her fiancée, Herb. Knowing how much Calista longs for romance, Audrey encourages Mookie to ask Calista on a date. He obliges, and he and Calista soon become a couple. Audrey, however, finds herself developing feelings for Mookie, and as these feelings grow, it becomes harder and harder to her to be the dependable, selfless person that her father and best friend have always counted on her to be.

Rated for mature thematic elements, including drug content and sexuality