Dragnet Girl (1933)

Dragnet Girl (1933)
6/10 NR

April 27, 1933 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 39 min

Dragnet Girl (1933) Synopsis

Tokiko leads a double-life as an office typist and the mistress of a retired champion boxer and small-time ringleader named Jyoji. Hiroshi, a new recruit to the gang, hero worships Jyoji and neglects his studies. Hiroshi's sister Kazuko begs Jyoji to spare her brother from their shady dealings, but inadvertently casts a spell on Jyoji. After several reversals, Jyoji returns to Tokiko's arms. They decide to come clean, but not before pulling one last job to help Hiroshi and Kazuko.

Rated NR

Dragnet Girl (1933) Casts

Chishû Ryû


Reikᅢᄡ Tani


Joji Oka


Nobuo Takemura

Boss at Boxing Club

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