Double Suicide (Shinju: Ten no amijima)

Double Suicide (Shinju: Ten no amijima)
7/10 NR

January 1, 1969 See More

Runtimes: 02 hr 22 min

Double Suicide (Shinju: Ten No Amijima) Synopsis

Set in Osaka in the 18th century, the film centers on the doomed romance between Jihei (Kichiemon Nakamura), a down and out married paper merchant passionately in love with doe-eyed courtesan Koharu (Shima Iwashita), whom he cannot afford to buy out of servitude. Koharu herself has also fallen in love with Jihei; she even starts turning away other patrons to be with him. Their love is further imperiled by Tahei (Hosei Komatsu), a rich, obnoxious merchant who flaunts his ability to buy Koharu's indenture. Suicide is the only way for the two to be together.

Rated NR

Fan Reviews

by talisencrw

Even though I'm Christian and have always been brought up considering the act of suicide a 'taboo' subject, I have always held great respect for both the Japanese way of doing so to save face, and the thoroughly romantic notion, say, from the likes of 'Romeo and Ju... Read More

Double Suicide (Shinju: Ten No Amijima) Casts

Shizue Kawarazaki

Osan's mother

Shima Iwashita

Koharu and Osan

Kamatari Fujiwara

Owner of the Yamatoya

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