Don't Take It To Heart (Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar) Synopsis

Life is unpredictable. Anything can happen in our scheme of things. Your wife can leave you, you can go bankrupt, and you can feel like committing suicide because of incidents in your life. The film takes a slightly different look at various layers of life in city like Mumbai through the eyes of Ram Saran, a garage mechanic who hails from a small town. The film is also about his interaction with the different layers of society that is prevalent in the city. One layer is represented by Kamya, who is a journalist and represents the upper middle class; the upwardly mobile generation in our country, and the other layer of society is represented by his friend Gaitonde, who epitomizes the sort of despair that creeps into people born and brought up in the city and feel trapped. People who have been victims of their own helplessness, lack of values and lack of upbringing. Slowly Ram too becomes a part of Mumbai's system.