Don't Let Me Die On A Sunday Synopsis

One night, Ben, a morgue employee, checks in the body of Teresa, a young woman declared dead after taking too much ecstasy at a rave. Aroused by her beguiling nakedness, Ben makes love to her lifeless figure and resuscitates her! From this sensational beginning, Teresa and Ben's strange relationship takes them into the world of sadomasochism, wild techno-dance parties and orgies as they search for new sensations that will erase their chilling sense of despair. Director Didier Le Pecheur plunges viewers into a provocative, disturbing world where pain has replaced pleasure and death appears to hold more fascination than life. The film centers around a group of friends, who break the monotony of their lives with sexual orgies and watching pornographic videos. When Ben becomes increasingly involved in sado-masochistic sex, taking Teresa along, she is both horrified and mesmerized by a world that flirts with the death that she has experienced. She also accompanies Ben as he faces the death of his friend who is dying of AIDS.