Dog Park Synopsis

Andy is a serial monogamist, lost and lonely after the sudden departure of his girlfriend, Cheryl, for another man, Trevor. Adding insult to injury, Andy is forced to share custody of his dog, Mogley, with his ex, whose enthusiastic love life has sent the pooch straight to the couch of a renowned animal therapist, Dr. Cavan. Ignoring counsel from his best friend and co-worker, Jeri, to withdraw from the dating game for a while, Andy finds himself smitten by Lorna, who, wary after a recent breakup, chooses to focus all of her attention on her lethargic dog, Peanut, and her role as the popular children's television host, Ms. Bookworm. But Lorna's friend, Rachel, has a theory about romance called the 'Dating Chain'; and Lorna soon discovers that she, too, is part of that chain. What happens to her, romantically-speaking, is bound to cause a chain reaction.

Rated for sexuality and language