Diary of a Country Priest (1951)

Diary of a Country Priest (1951)
8/10 NR

Diary Of A Country Priest (1951) Synopsis

A young Priest arrives in Ambricourt, a modest village in a gloomy corner of northwestern France, to take charge of his first parish. It doesn't take long for the Priest to realize that the locals have little sympathy for him and even less spiritual feeling. Through Miss Louise, the governess at the Chateau, who regularly attends church, the Priest learns about the local Count's family, rife with indiscretions and tortured souls. Suffering himself from a worsening stomach condition, as well as his own doubts and lack of experience, he attempts to reinstill faith in at least one of them. The first masterpiece from legendary director Bresson, Diary won three awards at the Venice International Film Festival upon its release in 1951. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the film, Rialto Pictures has made a new 35mm print featuring new subtitles.

Rated NR

Diary Of A Country Priest (1951) Casts

Akira Ishida

Cho Hakkai (voice)

Soichiro Hoshi

Son Goku (voice)

Martine Lemaire

Sᅢᄅraphita Dumontel, Séraphita Dumontel

Nicole Maurey

Miss Louise

Sᅤヘichirᅤヘ Hoshi

Son Goku (voice)

Léon Arvel


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