Delhi Safari

Delhi Safari
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Delhi Safari Synopsis

The residents of the national park welcome a bright sunny morning, birds singing away merrily, animals running around with joy. A distant thunder breaks the silence and a closer look reveals the jungle being raided by man and machine destroying everything in its path. The night has a very tense air as all the animals gather around with fear in their heart, discussing their fate of losing their habitat to human beings. Everyone is convinced that it is futile to fight humans, and the only option is to leave and move to a safer home. The best way to get back their homes is to have a dialog with the humans, win their hearts and their own homes. Will the animals manage to keep their homes or move to another habitat?

Rated PG for violence and menacing action, rude humor, suggestive content and thematic elements

Delhi Safari Casts

Tom Kenny

Alex the Parrot (voice: English version)

Tara Strong

Yuvi (voice: English version)

Christopher Lloyd

Pigeon (voice: English version)

Cary Elwes

Sultan / Bee Commander (voice: English version)

Jane Lynch

Female Flamingo (voice: English version)

Vanessa Williams

Begum (voice: English version)

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