Deep Impact


Deep Impact Synopsis

First the dinosaurs, now us. In the first and hopefully worst of the year's two Earth-collision movies, America prepares to go underground in case a space mission designed to nuke an oncoming comet fails.

Rated For intense disaster related elements and brief language

Fan Reviews

by talisencrw

I was really disappointed, considering all of the great actors involved and since I love science fiction and the great disaster films of days gone by. I bought the DVD used and got my money's worth--it's a decent watch. I would recommend watching if you like dis... Read More

Deep Impact Casts

Morgan Freeman

President Tom Beck

Elijah Wood

Leo Biederman

Robert Duvall

Capt. Spurgeon 'Fish' Tanner

Jon Favreau

Gus Partenza

Dougray Scott

Eric Vennekor

Ron Eldard

Oren Monash

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