Dance of Life (Un carnet de bal)

Dance of Life (Un carnet de bal)
8/10 NR

September 9, 1937 See More

Runtimes: 01 hr 45 min

Dance Of Life (Un Carnet De Bal) Synopsis

After the death of her husband, Christine realizes she has possibly wasted her life by marrying him instead of the man towards whom, in her youth, she had a stronger inclination. To overcome these dreary thoughts, she decides to find out about him and the other men who danced with her during a ball that was a turning point in her life, many years ago. She pays a visit to those forgotten acquaintances one after the other; Christine is not only surprised to see how they have fared, but also discovers the impact she had, unknowingly, on the feelings and the destiny of these persons.

Rated NR

Dance Of Life (Un Carnet De Bal) Casts

Harry Baur

Alain Regnault


Fabien Coutissol

Françoise Rosay

Marguerite Audiᅢᄅ, Marguerite Audié

Marie Bell

Christine Surgᅢᄄre, Christine Surgère


Francois Patusset

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