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Mick "Crocodile" Dundee, his partner, Sue, and their young son, Mikey, have traveled far away from their tiny Australian town of Walkabout. Sue has been temporarily assigned to head the Los Angeles bureau of her father's newspaper after the original bureau chief died under suspicious circumstances. Mick, who wants to expose Mikey to the world outside Walkabout, decides that he and Mikey should accompany Sue and the whole family travels to exotic California together. When Mick accidentally gets caught up in Sue's investigation, the stage is set for an extended series of jibes that poke fun at the Southern California lifestyle from an outsider's point of view.

Rated for some language and brief violence

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by John Chard

Dundee Death Knell? Mick "Crocodile" Dundee (Paul Hogan) is in Los Angeles with his son and Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski), his longtime companion. There's something amiss in the world of movies and art, and Dundee is soon to be right in the middle of it. Und... Read More

Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles Casts

D.B. Woodside

Melvin Franklin

Jonathan Banks

Milos Drubnik

D.B. Woodside

Melvin Franklin

Matt Winston

Limo Driver

Jere Burns

Arnan Rothman

Leon Robinson

David Ruffin

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