Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams


Cheech And Chong's Nice Dreams Synopsis

This is one of Cheech and Chong's all time greats. They start out by taking a house sitting job for a marijuana grower and rip off the crop. Then they try to set up a new business- selling ice cream from a large, odd-looking ice cream truck,of course this isn't regular ice cream- it's actually scientifically-experimented marijuana, sold in the form of ice cream. They name their business "Happy Herb's Nice Dreams Ice Cream". The 2 drive their ice cream truck around to the beach, to the gym, etc. selling the marijuana ice cream. Soon they have racked up 2 million dollars. However they sold some marijuana ice cream to undercover cops, intent on busting them. The cops, led by Sgt. Stadenko (Stacy Keach) who is intent on getting even with them from his last encounter with them (Up in Smoke). He has become a stoner and alcoholic, and has had the marijuana tested in the lab, and it turns out that the marijuana has some odd side-effect, those who smoke it turn into a lizard! Sgt. Stadenko sends 2 incompetent cops out to catch Cheech and Chong, while he in turn smokes some of the marijuana and slowly turns into a lizard himself.

Rated R

Cheech And Chong's Nice Dreams Casts

Stacy Keach

The Sarge Stedanko

Tony Cox

Midget Nut

Paul Reubens

Howie Hamburger

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