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Cell Synopsis

At the Boston airport, Clay witnesses a scene of chaotic mayhem when an electronic signal turns hundreds of cell phone users into rabid killers. Desperate to find his estranged wife and son, Clay teams with a train driver to battle the horde of murderous "phoners" as the city descends into apocalyptic madness.

Rated R for disturbing violent content, terror, brief sexuality and language

Fan Reviews

by John Chard

Brain Cell or Brain Drain? Well I haven't read the book but I like Stephen King, I like John Cusack and I like Samuel Jackson, so Cell seemed like a good choice for a late night cerebral chiller. How far off was I? As it happens, very! Suddenly cell phones ar... Read More

Cell Casts

Samuel L. Jackson

Thomas "Tom" McCourt

John Cusack

Clayton "Clay" Riddell

Stacy Keach

Charles Ardai

Isabelle Fuhrman

Alice Maxwell

Lloyd Kaufman


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