Carmen - Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

Carmen - Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour
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Carmen Handa Opera On Sydney Harbour Synopsis

Sydney Harbour is ablaze with a new kind of spectacle featuring one of the most popular operas of all time, Carmen. This glittering new production brings all the drama and passion of Bizet's opera to a magical stage under the stars, with the Sydney skyline as its backdrop. Carmen tells the story of the naive soldier Don Jos who falls under the spell of Carmen, an alluring gypsy. Bizet's rousing overture, soaring arias and heart-stirring choruses conjure a world of desire, defiance and, ultimately, doom. Sydney Morning Herald raves: Dmytro Popov is a "superb" Don Jos and the "scintillating" Rinat Shaham stars as the glamorous gypsy (The Australian).

Rated NR