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Follow Teena Brandon as she becomes Brandon Teena and claims a new male identity in the rural town of Falls City, Nebraska. There, Brandon successfully pulls off portraying a man unbeknownst to the women he's dating, eventually falling in love with Lana. He also befriends Lana's friends John and Tom. At First, Brandon's new friends like him and treat him as a buddy. But when Brandon's sexual identity is revealed, the deception triggers a spiral of horrific violence that ends in homicide.

Rated for violence including an intense brutal rape scene, sexuality, language and drug use

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by Asa_movies

The atmosphere completely different from that nowadays. This was probably the first time for man to express his own feelings and sexual identity in public. So, it was something like a Big Bang for people who experienced fact that some of their kith are "such a weir... Read More

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