Bleep Brothers Synopsis

Tatsuo and Ikuo have been raised by hard-working parents who run a funeral home. For relief, they practice games of manzai, a Japanese comic vaudeville performed in pairs. Tatsuo, the younger, grows up to be a tall and handsome chick magnet, while Ikuo, the older, is nerdy and unappealing in giant eyeglasses. He spies on Tatsuo's trysts to get material for their show, the Real Life Porno Comedy. With endless jokes about sex, organ size, and women, it's a sort of The Gong Show gone Japanese. The brothers are so foul that their TV appearances are censored, their lines bleeped out so heavily that the bleep-speak becomes all the rage and makes them stars. As they become the victims of their own success, only Fumie, a young woman of great purity and poverty, remembers who they used to be. Out of desperation, she hatches a plan to bring Ikuo to his senses.