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The year is 1962, and the Cuban Missile crisis has pushed America to the brink of war. Fearing a nuclear attack, Helen and Calvin Webber take refuge in their backyard bomb shelter. Reluctant to emerge and risk radioactive contamination, they decide to remain in the shelter, where they raise their son, Adam. Thirty years later, Adam emerges from his underground home for the first time on a mission to re-stock supplies and search for a wife. Discovering a strange new world that is completely unfamiliar to him, he turns to a street smart young woman named Eve to help adapt to his surroundings and find the supplies on his list. Unfortunately, finding a wife proves to be more difficult for the naive and "sheltered" Adam, whose '60s mentality is a bizarre but refreshing change for Eve and her friends. When Eve's ultra-hip roommate, Troy, steps in to assist, Adam gets a quick lesson in love in the '90s that results in more attention than he ever expected.

Rated for brief language, sex and drug references

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