Beyond Reasonable Doubt (2005) Synopsis

Filmmaker Mina Vidakovic captures the mass murder of the inhabitants of Srebrenica, incorporating eyewitness accounts of perpetrators, suspects and victims at the Yugoslavia Tribunal, self-made interv...( read more read more... )iews with people involved and footage of the incidents and the city, then and now. "(...)so that no one can ever doubt that [these events] were fact and not fake," as the film quotes the Nuremberg Trial prosecutor at the beginning. After all, scenes of a meeting in Belgrade in May 2005 and denials from suspects like the Serbian ex-president Slobodan Milosevic still reflect belief in the conspiracy theory that the carnage in Srebrenica was made up or exaggerated. Vidakovic systematically offsets this with the testimony of victims, UN employees and confessing suspects, as well as numerous video recordings. There is footage of everything¸ often shot by members of the Bosnian-Serbian army: of the capture of Srebrenica, of the rounded-up inhabitants, of General Mladic intimidating people by saying "You can survive or disappear" when they refuse to obey him, of people fleeing through the woods, and of executions, dead bodies and excavations. Vidakovic's documentary is a Dutch-Serbian-Croat co-production and was broadcast on TV in Serbia-Montenegro in July 2005.