Before I Fall

Before I Fall
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Before I Fall Synopsis

Samantha Kingston is a young woman who has it all: the crush-worthy boyfriend, amazing best friends and drop dead gorgeous looks. February 12 is just another charmed day in Sam's life until it turns out to be her last. Stuck reliving her last day during one inexplicable week, Sam untangles the mystery surrounding her death and discovers the true value of everything she is in danger of losing.

Rated PG-13 for mature thematic content involving drinking, sexuality, bullying, some violent images, and language - all involving teens

Fan Reviews

by Gimly

_Donnie Darko Lite™_ by way of _Groundhog Day_. _Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._ Read More

Before I Fall Casts

Zoey Deutch

Samantha Kingston

Jennifer Beals

Mrs. Kingston

Halston Sage

Lindsay Edgecombe

Keith Powers


Logan Miller

Kent McFuller

Diego Boneta

Mr. Daimler, Samantha's Teacher

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