Animal Factory


Animal Factory Synopsis

Ron Decker is a 21-year-old who has just been smacked with a lengthy prison sentence for drug trafficking. Not confident that he can get through prison on his own, he turns to hardened criminal and ex-gang leader Earl Copen for guidance and protection. When Earl sees a bit of himself in Ron that's worth saving, an odd relationship between the two men is forged -- one that has serious consequences for them both.

Rated for strong language, violence and drug use

Fan Reviews

by John Chard

I need a kid like I need a bad heart. A pretty kid is a ticket to trouble... and I'm too old to ask for that. The prison genre of film has a very chequered history, and the number of films are many, very much so, both good and bad. It has gotten to the stage whe... Read More

Animal Factory Casts

Willem Dafoe

Earl Copen

Mark Boone Junior

Paul Adams

John Heard

James Decker

Mickey Rourke

Jan the Actress

Edward Furlong

Ron Decker

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