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American Chai is a funny, heartfelt, coming-of-age story about Sureel, a first generation Indian-American college boy who can't tell his traditional parents he wants to be a musician, not a doctor. Growing up, Sureel just wanted to be like his American friends, but his strict, immigrant parents kept a tight rein on his life. No dating, no staying out late, no music, no R rated movies, no prime time TV, etc. The traditional Indian upbringing at home, coupled with the progressive American world around him, made for a life of duality and deception. Now, in his senior year at college, Sureel's deceptive ways have reached an all-time low. His parents think he's graduating pre-med, but in reality he's music major, following his rock and roll dreams. As the story unfolds, Sureel must discover who he really is and what he really wants. Does he pay the price for following his dreams? Does he reveal his secret life to his parents and risk their rejection? In American Chai, Sureel falls in love, faces the music, and discovers his destiny.

Rated for some sexual dialogue

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