Against All Flags (1952)


Against All Flags (1952) Synopsis

Errol Flynn (Brian Hawke), Maureen O'Hara (Spitfire Ste¬vens), Anthony Quinn (Roc Brasiliano), Alice Kelley (Prin¬cess Patma), Mildred Natwick (Mo!vine MacGregor), Robert Warwick (Capt. Kidd), Harry Cording (Gow), John Alderson (Harris), Phil Tully (Jones), Lester Matthews (Sir Cloudsley), Tudor Owen (Williams), Maurice Marsac (Capt. Moisson), James Craven (Capt. Hornsby), Olaf Hytten (King William). AGAINST ALL FLAGS opens in 1700 as Brian Hawke (Errol Flynn), a British naval officer, is being whipped before his shipmates. Shortly thereafter, he jumps overboard and swims to the shore of Madagascar. The flogging has been a ruse; Hawke is actually posing as a renegade so that he can infiltrate a pirate stronghold. Dragged before a pirate tribunal, he is challenged by Roc Brasiliano (Anthony Quinn), who demands that Hawke be put to death, but Spitfire Stevens (Maureen O'Hara), a fierce female bucca¬neer, comes to his defense. Hawke then joins Brasiliano's crew and takes part in a bloody raid against a ship sailing under the flag of the emperor of India, whose daughter, Princess Patma (Alice Kelley), and harem are kidnaped, though only Hawke recognizes the princess. Spitfire's jeal¬ousy flares, but she continues to aid Hawke, eventually helping him escape Brasiliano's evil clutches and defeat the pirates. Although best classified as a swashbuckler, this fast-paced hybrid actioner has more than enough espi¬onage and war-related elements to be characterized as a war film. Russell Metty's Technicolor photography, Ber¬nard Herzbrun and Alexander Golitzen's art direction, and the set design of Russell A. Gausman and Oliver Emert make the film a visual treat. AGAINST ALL FLAGS was remade in 1967 as THE KING'S PIRATE with Doug McClure in Flynn's role and Guy Stockwell in Quinn's.