Action in Arabia (1944)


Action In Arabia (1944) Synopsis

George Sanders (Gordon), Virginia Bruce (Yvonne), Lenore Aubert (Mouniran), Gene Lockhart (Danesco), Robert Armstrong (Reed), H.B. Warner (Rashid), Alan Napier (Latimer), Andre Chariot (Leroux), Marcel Dalio (Chakka), Robert Anderson (Chalmers), Jamie! Hasson (Kareem), John Hamilton (Hamilton), Rafael Storm (Hotel Clerk), Michael Ansara (Hamid). An American newspaper correspondent, Gordon (George Sanders), courts intrigue in 1941 Damascus, where Free French and German spies attempt to involve the Arab tribes in the war. Gordon falls in love with the mysterious Yvonne (Virginia Bruce), then suspects her of being a Nazi agent before learning she is working with the French underground. The duo follows German agents to a desert castle where they meet with Arab sheiks who intend to deliver their tribesmen to the Axis side in return for heavy pay. Much of the excellent desert footage for this pic was culled from the many reels shot by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack (creators of KING KONG) when they journeyed to Damascus years earlier to make an epic on Lawrence of Arabia that never materialized. That foot¬age is cleverly incorporated into this production in which highly polished Sanders exercises wry wit and boisterous banter.