About Adam


About Adam Synopsis

Lucy Owens is entertaining memories of her ex-boyfriend in a restaurant when Adam strolls in to have a quiet dinner. Immediately smitten, Lucy can't help but ask the shy and unassuming gentleman on a date. Next thing you know, he's rolling up the family driveway in a baby blue Jaguar and whisking her off to the romance of her lifetime. She decides this is the man she is going to marry and trots him in to meet the folks. But if Adam is the apple of Lucy's eye, she doesn't realize that others are being tempted to nibble on the same fruit. From the moment she meets him, Lucy's bookworm sister, Laura keeps accidentally bumping into Adam in the most unlikely places. And when he offers to help little brother David charm the girl of his fancy, both fall under Adam's spell. Even Alice, the eldest and most sensible Owens sibling, succumbs to the charms of the man with the mysterious past.

Rated for language and sexuality