Ab-normal Beauty (Sei mong se jun)


Ab Normal Beauty (Sei Mong Se Jun) Synopsis

Jiney is a photography student. One day on her way to school, a woman is knocked down by a car and dies horribly. Jiney witnesses the accident and takes a picture of the scene. Experiencing the excitement and satisfaction she's never known before, she then becomes obsessed with photographing death. During this time, Jiney receives a videotape, which shows a girl being beaten to death. Before Jiney finds out what to do with her abnormal behavior and who sent her the weird tape, Anson, the one who sent Jiney the tape, kidnaps her.


Ab Normal Beauty (Sei Mong Se Jun) Casts

Ekin Cheng

Man in Car Crash

Michelle Mee

Jiney's Mum

Cub Chin Kong Hon

Professor in Figure Painting Class

Bob Einstein

Super Dave Osborne

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