Bedrooms and Hallways


Bedrooms And Hallways Synopsis

Leo and Darren are two gay flat-mates in London, each pursuing his own romantic happiness. Leo (McKidd) is a reserved, witty artisan searching for a meaningful, loving relationship while Darren (Fulford) is his "memorably flamboyant and sexually adventurous flat-mate" (Village Voice) hooked on dangerous erotic liasons - including a relationship with a seemingly conservative real estate agent (Weaving) who has a flair for combining business with pleasure. Despite his intitial reservations, Leo finds himself joining a new-age men's therapy group and promptly develops a crush on a handsome fellow member who has recently separated from his longtime girlfriend. Confessing his attraction during an "honesty stone" session led by well-intentioned host Keith (Callow), Leo wreaks havoc on the group as everyone begins to question their own sexual inclinations. In an increasingly confusing atmosphere in which desire, sensuality and deep feeling gleefully mingle together, it becomes apparent that whatever overt or hidden sexual preference each person might have, they all seek the same thing: someone to love.