15 Minutes


15 Minutes Synopsis

Never before in history have fame and the law been so closely, and so dangerously, aligned. With today's insatiable demand for high-octane television news, everyone from criminals and cops to lawyers and politicians has joined the ranks of attention-grabbing celebrities and hype generators. Murderers hire spin-doctors and share their confessions in prime time. Meanwhile, everyone from thieving low-lives to the President's lawyers vie for their shot at the limelight. Crime, tragedy, chaos: we might fear them, but there's no denying that in today's world, they bring ratings, money and power. So just how far wil society's most desperate people go in order to get their "fifteen minutes"? And just how willing is the public to watch?

Rated for strong violence, language, and some sexuality

15 Minutes Casts

Charlize Theron

Rose Hearn

Anton Yelchin

Boy in Burning Building

Vera Farmiga

Dahpne Handlova

Kelsey Grammer

Robert Hawkins

Robert De Niro

Detective Eddie Flemming

Kim Cattrall


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