Unicorn City

February 24, 2012

Unicorn City Movie Reviews

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**Where the video games come alive.**

If you read the title correctly, you would think it's a little kid's film, especially for girls. Even the title design gives the same impression, more like a fairytale. But shockingly, this film was very different. This is about the gamers, the people who are crazy about video games. It was like a comic con, the film characters decide to create a utopia for the gamer with their favourite gaming characters. So they gather outskirt of the town and when everything was going well, they bump into a series of trouble, especially the founder of it. Coming out of it is the rest of the film to reveal.

It is not my favourite, but one of the best B movies I have seen and a bit refreshing. My appreciation is according to how they managed to give this product with the limited financial support. The quality of the film was so good. The performances were well recognisable. Since it was a comedy, sometimes the flaws are gone unnoticed. Not a bad attempt for the first time direction. Though the story was easy, predictable, but still enjoyable. Surely some people will find it good, even better than I did, so I hope this film reaches them instead of those who criticise it.