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James Franco delivers a good performance but the story is disconnected and doesn't explain the evolution of Hill's character. The problem is the script and the directing. You don't get to understand where the movie is leading to or why and how are the troubles of Michael Finkel.

The actual happenings give a good chance of telling an interesting story but this movie fails to do so.

**About a man who has nothing to lose and a man who can't afford another failure!**

It was based on the book of the same name, which was originally inspired by the real events. But there's a striking resemblance between this and the Truman Capote story. About a man who is serving in prison for slaying a family and his encounter with a reporter/writer. And so their relationship strengthens as they sit together to discuss about each others life event. That is the main film, which covers the majority of the film, but feels like they revealed nothing much, particularly for our convince, yet the story moved forward.

For the Truman Capote, there are two films, including the one I liked 'Infamous' and the other one is 'Capote'. Besides these two, there's another title called 'In Cold Blood' that reveals the other side of the event, before Truman enters the scene. So that's what I'm interested after watching this film. Because right now they preferred to portray a struggling writer and the crime parts were not given any importance. That means it is basically about a reporter/writer doing a story/book.

If they decide to make that one with the same cast as a prequel, then James Franco gets into an action which probably would give a good reason behind such crime where in this film the viewers can't end watching surely what really happened. Both, Jonah Hill and James Franco was really impressive in this. Felicity Jones had the small presence, but was in a main role. It was a feature film debut for the director and he was well managed to make it decently. Overall, for me, it was a good film, not the best, but can be watched once.