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Nowadays the musicals are just a headache. When I see a movie like this, I feel those are the time long gone, and its a sci-fi world. Day by day dreaming to get the movies like 'Dancer in the Dark' and 'The Phantom of the Opera' is fading away. This film could have made a good impression if it was a regular drama-romance, maybe. Good performances and nice music tracks did not influence to lift the entertainment value, at least not to me.

It was based on the musical stage play of the same name. Did well in the English box office, but not that good in the outside. About two young army men return to the home after the service in Afghanistan and try to blend back in where they have left. Trouble in relationship and family issues, followed by going after the dream job across the sea, all come into play, solving all these puzzle brings the end to the movie.

Despite a result as I expected, still somehow I felt the movie was not bad at all. That is maybe because of the film's setting that takes place in the backdrop of the capital of Scotland and style of cool presentation with a moderate pace. The rest was good show by the all lead casts probably had a lift up a bit. Like I said it was about usual episodes that occur in a group of known to each other, but belong to different families and dreaming different future. So how the differing thoughts in mind repels and unites them all was told reasonably well.