Subversion Agency

Released July 1, 2003

The film revolves around the exploits of an American arms dealer Pierre Kozlov who is invited to the K-Zone, "a communist country somewhere in the Caribbean," to participate in a winner-take-all golf match against the K-Zone champion. Like a Christian being thrown to the lions, Kozlov; a self-confirmed nihilist, quickly finds himself embedded in the morass of international politics when he finds out what prize is in store for the loser. (And, it seems that he is destined to become one.) The K-Zone Republic, formed circa 1960 during a staged soccer riot in the K-Zone capital, is awash with two-bit politicians, American black panthers on the lam, anarcho-pranksters on the underground airwaves, double agent feminists, and a golf champion formally convicted of "cultural parasitism.""

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