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Released August 18, 2000

The rise and fall of Abbie Hoffman -- activist, radical, fugitive, lover. With the love of his life, Anita, by his side, Abbie outraged the establishment and seduced his passive generation into action. In 1968, Abbie, Anita, and a small circle of friends founded Yippie! -- a band of revolutionaries organized to protest the war at the Democratic National Convention. The police riots that followed made headlines the world over and exposed the repression at the heart of our free society. Abbie and seven others -- known as the Chicago Seven -- stood trial for inciting the riot and his chutzpah and brilliant theatrics earned him his status as a countercultural hero and led to their release on appeal. Few know the price he paid. Abbie and Anita lived under constant FBI surveillance and endured a Hoover-led smear campaign that cost them work, friends and, finally, their marriage."

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