October 1, 2004

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Though I tend to go for both older films (those made before 1970) and
especially so when it comes to the horror/thriller genre, I saw parts 3
and 5 upon theatrical release (yes, I know it's really not right to see
film series out of sequence but I simply don't care) and they were
intriguing and decent, don't ask me why. Now that I both date a horror
film aficionado and my 13-year-old son himself is one as well, I have
decided to check out the contemporarily well-received original (I may
decide now to see the entire series, and in order, but really who's to
say?). Instantly, such trusted, bankable actors as Cary Elwes and Danny
Glover give it credibility, just as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford gave
such films as 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' way back in days gone
by. This was much better than I felt parts 3 and 5 were, by the way.