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**Two men with their motorcycles.**

Fine characters and the theme, but could not get the best out of it. The film was slow, though that's the way of it. The story seems very interesting, but that continued from the earlier event which the film did not cover. So it was built on that about a native American who avenged his mother's death and now on the run, chased by an FBI agent. At some point they are going to encounter and what happens then is what puts the end to this narration.

Jason Momoa starred, written, produced and directed the film. I'm really impressed by the attempt, but the film is not going to be enjoyed by everyone. It's a road movie, cross country journey, but filled with more drama than the bike ride or the roadside views. That's fine because it was about the family, and the native Americans who are still suffering from the outrageous acts committed by some of the white men.

The narration lacked the appeal, because of the dullness in its scenes. But still there some very good scenes. So it feels more like a TV film and the viewers with no expectation could have a decent time. The end disappointed me, because the rest of the story was developed from the one side, that makes you are forced to believe whatever the film says. You will never have your point of view on what the film deals. If you compromise on that, it will be a better film for you.