Quiet Ones

April 1, 2014

Quiet Ones Movie Reviews

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Out of Hammer Films, The Quiet Ones is loosely based on the Philip Experiment in Toronto 1972. It involves paranormal research that seeks to prove supernatural entities are in fact manifestations of the human mind.

The complete opposite of Hammer's hugely successful The Woman in Black, The Quiet Ones is set in the 70s (Oxford, England). The house the action is set in is naturally remote, though it lacks the Gothic chill required for maximum impact. The makers are more intent on jolts and screeches to get their scares, which sadly gets a bit tiresome come the mid-point. It's effectively chilling at times, with some well mounted spooky atmospheric moments - while Olivia Cooke as the focal point of the "happenings" gives a sturdy and impressive turn, but it feels old hat and fails to deliver on its promise. 6/10