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Let's start from the beginning, why this film is good? First, it's unique in it's genre. Yes, we got quite a many movies about Possessions & Devil themes, but this one is different. It tells the story how main character gets possessed by on it's own will, to prove if God & Devil are real or not, after the accident of his wife, which died by the suggestion of a fortuneteller. Whole movie is very interesting, that shows how main character is being possessed & we can see what happens in this head, which is also unique in horror movies. Technically film is also very well done, with nice effects & great quality (thx to Arri Alexa camera). I enjoyed the movie from the start to the end. Very well done, especially if we consider, that this was a first movie of it's director - David Jung. I'd say this is another great horror movie after "The Devil's Due" & "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones" in this year. I wish David Jung good luck & to continue creating such good movies.