Para Norman

August 3, 2012

ParaNorman Movie Reviews

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Mom, tell the Zombie to stop saying stuff about me!

The medium of animated films has really gone through the roof in the last 20 years. There was a time when Disney was the only reliable source for such colourful frolics. Now we are blessed with a whole raft of film makers creating their own animated films born out by their personal visions. One of the benefits of this "branching out" has been the rise in the animated horror comedy, right up there with the best of them in recent times is ParaNorman.

Norman Babcock is considered to be the weird kid in town, you see he claims to see ghosts. Little do the residents of this New England haven know it, but they will soon need Norman to break a centuries old witches curse or they are all doomed!

Picture unfolds in a delightfully quirky nature, with the makers showing great love and respect to both the genres it appertains to. As with the best animated films, ParaNorman manages to be an all encompassing family friendly production. The chilly thrills are the right side of child friendly, the animation craft superb, while the humour is smart and the Gothic atmosphere surrounding the tale is pitch perfect. It all builds nicely to a bona fide thrilling finale, where the visual spectacle sits comfortably with the emotional beats of the film. Lovely, intelligent and spooky into the bargain. 8/10