Pandiya Naadu

Released November 1, 2013

Sivakumar (Vishal) is an ordinary guy working in a mobile service center in Madurai who falls for a school teacher Malar (Lakshmi Menon). His father Kalyanasundaram (Bharathiraja), a retired government employee shows much care on Sivakumar's elder brother. Meanwhile there is big mafia gang led by Simmakkal Ravi(Sharath Lohitashwa), who rules Madurai with an iron fist. Sethu (Vikrant), a friend of Siva helps him woo Malar. Sethu helps his ex-lover to escape from the chief henchmen of Ravi. Sivakumar's brother, an honest government officer gets into Ravi's bad books and is killed by Ravi. Siva learns that Sethu is also killed by Ravi and is infuriated. Now, the helpless father and the meek son draw up separate plans to eliminate the bad guy and did they succeed in their plans forms rest of the story."

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