Mad About Mambo

Released August 4, 2000

In the upper-class part of Belfast, 18-year old Collegiates Private School student Lucy McLoughlin yearns to prove her worth to her entrepreneur father Sid, and to herself. Lucy lives to dance and dances to win: specifically, the Regional Latin Dance Finals. Her dance partner is her possessive boyfriend, Oliver Parr--who is also captain of the Collegiates soccer team. Not far from Lucy's part of town, yet worlds apart, is St. Joseph's, a boy's school in working-class West Belfast. There, 18-year-old Danny Mitchell is the most eager player on the school's soccer team--his dream is to play professionally for Belfast United. To be more like the newly imported Brazilian star player, Carlos Rega, and to improve his own game, Danny sets out to get rhythm by learning to dance Latin at the very school where Lucy works."

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